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  1. Tamar says

    Hi everyone, I higly recommend this course! Two years ago I didn’t understand one word of polish. After a few weeks of listening these stories, half an hour every day, the results were really amazing. I all the time get compliments from Poles :) I have some experience in language learning (6 foreign languages), and I can say honestly, that this is the best course I have ever seen! Thanks Piotr!!!!!

    • Piotr RealPolish says

      Thank you, Tamar. I know you are really talented but also you worked really hard using this course every day… yeah, I can say that now your Polish is great!
      Cieszę się, że mogłem Ci pomóc i wciąż mogę pomagać w doskonaleniu polskiego :)

      • Tamar says

        To ja Ci dziękuję! Przecież znalazłam tu nie tylko doskonałe kursy, ale również wspaniałego przyjaciela w Warszawie :)

  2. Marcelo says


    If you are looking for a way to improve your Polish listening, and so consenquently your vocabulary and conversation skills in an almost effortless manner, this course is for you. I found it impressive how my “instinct” for understanding Polish got way better. I mean, even complex contexts like tv and documentaries without subtitles became much more understandable after only 2 months of daily listening. Needless to say that I would recommend it for any serious Polish learner, without a shadow of doubt!


    • Piotr RealPolish says

      Dzięki! Marcelo, you had really quick progress, usually it takes more time. I guess you was listening to the stories every day and you did a lot of repetition. Is it true? Or you’re just gifted Polish learner :)

  3. meltem says

    Many people say that Polish is one of the most difficult language in the world. If you say like that, you haven’t seen this website yet. I have found this site by accidentally but I have to say it is the best way to learn language. Amazing podcasts and also all lessons which I bought have great methods. I listen everyday daily polish listening, I really enjoy to listen all interesting stories. Thanks Piotr, great job.

  4. Joe says

    Cześć Piotr!
    This summer I finished your course, and now I’m living in Kraków. I use Polish everyday and I found that your 100 story course improved my listening and speaking abilities. I would do two lessons everyday because I had a lot of time to learn, and then put words from the lessons that I didn’t know into an online flashcard system called Anki. I think your course is a unique and engaging tool for language learning. Although for Polish learners, I would definitely recommend supplement materials. Last year I used 2 textbooks, I read basic novels in Polish, listened to Polish music, and used the language learning website Duolingo in addition to the 100 daily stories course. In my opinion having a great variety of materials is very important for success.
    For anyone looking to improve their polish listening and speaking abilities, I would highly reccomend Piotr’s courses. I still remember some of the stories well, such as the one where two Polish men flirt with a Ukrainian woman in a diner. They stick in your head, and can be very fun as well.
    Dziękuję bardzo i szczęśliwego nowego roku!

    • Piotr RealPolish says

      Than you, Joe! I definitely agree with you, stories are really powerful in learning languages. When we listen to a story we have strong, vivid picture in our mind. That is what help us use language without thinking. Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  5. Bob says

    Thank you for everything you do at Learn Real Polish.PL….I am using
    100 Daily Stories right now and love working the exercises. I have the
    benefit of a Polish friend who helps me every Monday night here…we use
    your exercises every Monday….they are the the basis for our work
    together….we started out using a book from the store about learning
    Polish…but then I found your web site and well?…. we do not use the
    book anymore….I know right now that after using your program…I know I
    can read Polish better…that was the first thing I noticed after
    working with 100 Daily Polish Stories….this was huge….I also notice I
    get many compliments when I speak to new people I meet who are
    Polish….My goal this year is to work on decoding the language……and
    listening better….Thanks again for all your work…

    • Piotr RealPolish says

      Bob, this is excellent! You have Polish friend and you have my stories, you can practice every week what you learned from my stories. I guess this is the best method you can have. Speaking with natives we like is really motivational.
      Bob, what you mean “decoding language” if you want to focus on grammar, I don’t think it is good idea. Please listen a lot, speak with your Polish friend and you’ll start using Polish without even thinking about it!
      Pozdrawiam serdecznie, Piotr

  6. Wayne says

    Piotr, I cannot thank you enough for putting together this material! After only 4 months I am amazed at how much vocabulary I know! I have made flashcards out of the stories and the fact that I can flip them over so quickly motivates me to devour as many of your stories that I can :) It has always been a dream to travel to the parts of Poland that my family are from and maybe re-connect with relatives. Now I know that dream will come true – a lot sooner than I ever thought it would! Also, the stories are enjoyable, and in addition to learning the language it gives a little different way to think about things! If you know absolutely no Polish, I highly recommend Piotr’s system!

    • Piotr RealPolish says

      Wayne, you made me a great pleasure! I almost had tears in my eyes reading you comment. I hope you will meet with your Polish family as quick as it is possible and you will have great time talking and spending time with them. You know, I really believe that if we know the big enough “why” we are trying to learn something or do something, it is always great foundation. This helps us to keep doing, never give up. Learning language takes a lot of time, and many people give up learning so quick. I’m sure you will not, you have your big WHY! It is always a great pleasure for me to have opportunity to help people making their dreams a reality. I can only help making good materials, you have to do this work – but if you enjoy the process of learning, it makes me happy :) Thank you, Wayne. Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

      • Wayne says

        I agree Piotr! Also the fact that you made it into stories adds to the ‘why’… sometimes I want to get to the next story just to find out what happens :) Plus your system makes it easy, all you need to do is relax – don’t worry and absorb the materials. This no-stress way makes it much easier to continue through and keep working. All the best to you Piotr and your family!

        • Piotr RealPolish says

          Wayne, you just read in my mind – all you need to do is relax – it is my primary goal when I prepare my stuff. I always want to make something easy and interesting that learners could forget about learning but enjoy listening to Polish :)

  7. Susan says

    Witam! When I started using Piotr’s Daily Polish Stories I was looking for ways to expose myself to Polish more often since I don’t live in Poland. Daily Polish Stories are perfect for this! I listened to them in my car on my way to work, so it really didn’t take extra time out of my day, yet it was really, really effective! I built up my vocabulary and improved my listening comprehension a lot.

    What I like the most is that the materials are only in Polish; there is no switching between English and Polish. When there is a hard word, Piotr explains it in Polish. There is no interruption to the flow that way. Although it might seem harder at first to not use a dictionary or receive instruction in English (or whatever your first language is), keeping to one language makes it easier to learn.

    • Piotr RealPolish says

      Cześć Susan! You pointed out really important thing. I always recommend using programs only with target language. Some time ago I was listen to podcast in order to practice my Spanish, and the problem was that the most time they was speaking English. There was one sentence in Spanish and a long explanation in English. Even if I do learn English, it wasn’t for me. Switching all the time between two languages is hard, our brain use the language we know better. That is why I always use only Polish in my materials.
      Thank you Susan! Miłego słuchania po polsku! :)

  8. Antonio says

    Hi everyone, I’m listening to Piotr’s stories everyday.
    Q&A section is really useful helping you to memorize words and verbs.
    The pdf ar perfectly well organized, clear and with lot of space free for your comments.
    The first time I read a story I like look for words declension on and add my comments directly into the pdf (I use foxit pdf reader for this).
    And what about mp3? You can listen to Piotr’s voice for hours without getting bored !

  9. Hamish Gilbert says

    Csesc Pan Piotr,
    Dla mnie, uczic sie jezyka polskiego jest jak biegac w marathonie. Nigdy nie rezygnowaj. Jednak podoba mi bardzo Pana kurs, poniewaz kurs jet ciekawy i uzyteczny. Dziekujie za pomoc!

  10. Mary says

    Dear Piotr,

    My experience so far with DPS is very positive. Right now, I had to stop studying, because I am doing another course. I can’t wait to devote myself to the stories again, even though I think I will have to start over. I only got up to story 31, when I stopped.

    I have a little experience with Polish, so the sounds and spelling were familiar to me, as well as a very small vocabulary. I used a book by Oscar Swan to understand grammar points, such as how to make past tense and future tense, and for the different forms of the pronouns. Your stories guided me to which grammar lessons to study. After only the first 10 stories, I found that I could read your emails and understand almost all of them. I was completely amazed.

    However, I also feel that trying to learn all the case endings of the nouns with grammar study is futile, at least in my case. So I am resisting the urge to do that, and just listening instead. I can remember learning English grammar in elementary school. When people asked how I knew the correct grammar, I could only answer “it sounds right”. The grammar rules did not help me much then, and I can see that the Polish grammar rules will not be much help now. The stories will teach me what “sounds right”.

    I am finding that my main challenge is learning and retaining new vocabulary. Maybe much more repetition will help. I was making a list of new words, but I see that some users are making flash cards. I think I will try that.

    I studied some French a few years ago, and now I am concentrating on Polish. One thing I have learned is that reading and writing are completely different skills from listening and speaking. This is probably why when you learn with books you can read and write but usually not speak or listen. You need a lot of ear training.

    My family traveled in the Baltic States last summer, and we spent 3 days in Gdansk. I was very happy to learn that I could understand some of the things people were saying around me. They were probably mostly tourists, and speaking at a moderate speed. I heard one guy speaking very fast and could not understand him. But the others, who were saying things like “he is tired” or “we ate aready” or “tomorrow we are going to ….” simple things, I actually could understand. It gave me hope that I will be successful when I get back to a concentrated effort.

    Thank you so much for this course. I am also happy to know that there is this on-line community of Polish learners. I think it will be helpful in sustaining my efforts.

    Best regards,

    • Piotr RealPolish says

      Thank you for this great story. I agree with you, reading and writing is completely different than speaking and listening. In my opinion first we should learn understand spoken language, than we can start speaking. There is a time to learn read and write. Eventually we can start improve our grammar. But at the beginning grammar is something what we should avoid ;)
      Mary, I hope I don’t give up Polish completely, we will wait for you!

  11. Roger says

    Czesc! Ja nauczyc sie jezyka polskiego o osiem miesięcy i Piotr kursu 100 Daily Polish Stories jest bardzo wazne i jest wielki pomoga dla mnie. Codziennie slucham te histori i odpowiadam pytania. Te metoda jest bardzo dobra. Teraz jestem czytanie ksiazka po polsku bardzo powoli. Slucham i czytanie jest bardzo wazne. Bez Piotr kursu ja bym byc robie bardzo malo postep. Postep powoli ale codziennie ja dostac lepsze. Nauczyc sie jezyka to jest dlugo czasu ale bardzo przyjemny. Dzienki piotr dla doskanale kursu na nauczyc jezyk Polskiego. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

    • Piotr RealPolish says

      Wow, Roger, piszesz bardzo dobrze po polsku – brawo! Robisz bardzo szybkie postępy. Bardzo się cieszę, że słuchasz lekcji codziennie, to bardzo ważne. Odpowiadasz na pytania, to bardzo dobrze, właśnie to jest najważniejsze w tym kursie.
      Dziękuję bardzo za komentarz. Pozdrawiam serdecznie! Piotr

  12. René Méndez says

    Hello Piotr
    I would like to buy the course 100 polish stories, I currently tried to learn polish by a year so far, I can communicate in easy conversations, but always the same begginner stuff. I really want to learn polish and I just took the decision to take your course after hearing several podcasts. The problem is that I want to pay it in just one payment but it doesn’t say the cost and that it is unavailable for the moment in a one time payment. Could you please send me an e-mail to ?
    Thanks in advance!

  13. stephan says

    Hi there! I’m interested in purchasing the full beginner’s course, not the subscription. On the website it says to contact you for purchase. My email is stephancho AT Thanks!

  14. Joao Pedro Silva says

    Hey Piotr, in my case, i am absolute beginner in polish, so the recommended way to learn polish if i understood right the “suggested path” of the site is to first go through the “100 Daily polish stories” then “365 Daily polish listening program” and then joining the Vip club, am i right? One question, can i start learning polish with this “100 Daily polish stories” even starting from scratch?

  15. Paulo says

    Hi, Piotr,

    My internet is terrible and I can not follow the
    webinar online. Can I download or is there an option to take the course
    without the webinar? Does this make learning difficult? P. S. – I do not
    speak English, but I think that an English-Portuguese or
    Polish-Portuguese dictionary is enough; right?


    Paulo, from Brazil

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